The In-Between Musical

This fascinating new musical centres round Flick, a drop out nineteen-year-old who has the chance to change her life forever if she chooses to help others over staying in reality. After hearing the seven track concept album I definitely want this to be made into a West End show!
I believe the album benefits greatly from having a mix of successful, incredibly talented musical theatre stars singing these clever and catchy songs. If I’m honest, I doubt I would have listened if it did not have performers I have heard of singing the songs. Having multiple artists singing the songs also allows for a variety of casting opportunities – hearing the different singers can help see what it would be like being performed with their personal interpretations of the tracks.
‘She’s My Sister’ sung by Dianne Pilkington and Cassandra Compton demonstrates the bickering relationship most siblings have. Having this as track one allows the listener to reflect with the song and it shows that this musical and the fictional characters have lives just like us in reality.
‘Never Expect’ sung by Sabrina Aloueche opens us up to the thoughts of Flick, the underachiever who doesn’t aim for big dreams and instead never expects anything of herself. The lines ‘I always disappoint’ and ‘some just aren’t mean to fly’ make you feel sorry for this misunderstood young girl.
Calicus opens Flick’s mind to another world she can be a part of in the song ‘Out of Your World’ (sung by Daniel Boys). I imagine if I was watching it on stage the set would be a Disney-like fantasy world! ‘When I Was Nineteen’ is definitely my favourite song on the album, I have never seen Julie Atherton perform but it is a lovely and heart felt song that any listener should love.
‘Beyond the Door’ is sung excellently by Hadley Fraser and Lauren Samuels version of ‘Someone You’d Be Proud Of’ spills out Flick’s emotions towards her actions. She shows regret for how she has behaved and wishes to make her parents and Alice proud. Finally this brave girl is dreaming big and trying to help others. ‘Not Alone’ sung by Alexia Khadime and Liam Tamne shows that with team work and a little bravery you can attempt any challenge, two people are better than one!
I encourage any theatre fan to take the time and listen to this fabulous creation.
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