The Lion King

Lyceum Theatre – May 1st 2011
This award winning musical based on the classic Disney film is in its thirteenth year and I am not surprised at all by its success!
I was blown away from the second the opening number ‘Circle of Life’ commenced. The cast came dancing in through the audience and being right on the aisle meant I was within arm’s reach of these incredibly talented performers.
The costumes and puppets in this show are spectacular! Although you can see the actors moving the puppets it does not distract you from the magic at all! Julie Taymor and Michael Curry have done a wonderful job in creating these phenomenal, eye catching works of art. My favourite animals were the elephants (especially the incredibly cute young one), the rhinos and the deer.
During ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’ the enjoyment from young Nala and Simba radiated through their performance and into the audience, this fun and up beat number shows that children have a worthy place in London’s theatre. This show would be impossible without the strength of the ensemble who deserve as much recognition as the principal actors.
This show is perfect for young and old audience members and is a great display of African music and culture – it is a must see!
Currently running until April 14th 2013 – book tickets through:

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